What's Up Weekly!


Important Dates:

March 2-6: Statistics in Schools Week-- Complete the Census!

Read Across America! Come to GIS and read a picture book to a class! Friday, March 6

No School- Spring Break! March 9-13


Tuesday 3/24- Math Benchmark 4th/5th

Wednesday 3/25- Reading Benchmark 4th/5th

Thursday 3/26- 4th Writing/5th Science Benchmark

Friday 3/27- Make Up Testing

Friday 4/3- End of 5th 6 weeks


Tuesday 4/7: 4th Grade Writing, 5th Grade Math

Wednesday 4/8: 5th Grade Reading

Friday 4/10- Monday 4/13- School Holiday - No School

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Brewerton's Class- Measuring angles


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1st place- Dylan DeShetler, 2nd place- Taylor Griffin, 3rd place- Miles Perez, 4th place- Janelle Jones, 5th place- Allyson Dowell

Learn with IXL at home!

Please have your child practice problems under the Diagnostic tab for a minimum of 10 minutes a week.

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?! Riddle of the Week ?!

Stimulate more of the senses at the same time.

  • We absorb information about an event through our senses, translate it into electrical signals(for some sight, other from sound, etc), disperse those signals to separate parts of the brain, then reconstruct what happened, eventually perceiving the event as a whole.

  • The brain seems to rely partly on past experiences in deciding how to combine these signals, so two people can perceive the same event very differently.

  • Our senses evolved to work together- vision influencing hearing, for example- which means that we learn best if we stimulate several senses at once.

  • Smells have unusual power to bring back memories, maybe because smell signals bypass the thalamus and head straight to their destinations, which include that supervisor of emotions known as the amygdala.

Brain Rules by John Medina

Let's see who is reading the newsletter....

Think back on past experiences this school year. Feel free to share with me some of your memories and experiences.

Campus Wide Expectations- Buff a Laws

Please click the link (button) above to see the explanation of our campus expectations. We use tickets to reward positive behavior of students. Students may use their tickets to purchase items and attend a reward activity every 6 weeks.

Character Counts!! #BuffPride

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Braveheart of the Week #Superhero #ThePowerofOne

Mrs. Hernandez

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Braveheart Award for this week goes to..... Mrs. Hernandez!

Thank you Mrs. Hernandez for everything that you do!

Mrs. Hernandez begins her day in the computer lab assisting students to practice their reading and math skills on IXL. She teaches students reading all day and in addition to being our LPAC chairperson, and assisting around campus where there are needs, she analyzes data and prepares interventions for our students. She assists teachers with planning for setting goals with students and keeps great records for our students and their progress. She is cheerful and positive and is an outstanding, valued member of our staff. She is a teacher leader and trains others with the latest staff development practices and ideas. She also leads our Beta Club which is running a fundraiser for flip flops- check it out!

She is always working on how to best help our students. I appreciate her passion and heart for our students and their success.

I appreciate Mrs. Hernandez for being a superhero to many. Thank you for your positive impact you have on students and staff at GIS.

Bravely leading students to see their WONDER.

Thank you Mrs. Hernandez - we appreciate you! (Reading Intervention Teacher)

#ThePowerofOne #KnowyourWHY

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