Guide Dog


Would you like to work for only about 8-10 years? Guide dogs work for that long.
Guide dog training is important to learn and it is what makes a guide dog become, a guide dog. The are clubs people can join during the puppy stage.


Guide dogs are trained to dis obey a command if it is not safe for the blind person and them in any situation. Such as the road, a tree branch, etc... Dis-obeying is very encouraged and in-forced during training.

Guide dog Advice

The puppy raisers do receive a lot of support and guidance of help with their dog. If they are struggling and need extra help they could join their Local Puppy Raising Club. . In the club they share ideas, help each other with training, and they participate in socialization outings.

The Way They Train The Dogs

They way they train the dogs is by positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement, is high value rewards, food,praise, abundance of rewards of physical and verbal. Not yelling or scolding the dog. This way may build your dog's motivation to train and might make them happier.
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Drawer training

This guide dog is being trained to open a drawer for a blind person someday. The rope is teaching him to pull it open.
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Airport Training

These dogs are training at an airport to help a blind person someday.

All Done with Training

The puppy raisers are invited to come to their guide dogs ceremonies. the dogs are then formally presented to their new partners.