The Man In Black

Jasmine and josh

It all started in a house where a man and his family lived. Its was a beautiful white house in their was the man named johnny and his wife named jenny and their newborn baby boy named johnny jr.
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The family was happy they had a great life together in their beautiful house. But one day it all changed when they heard the door open in the middle of the night.
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Johnny got up quickly walked down the stairs with a bat to go check who had broke in the house as the wife goes in the baby room to grab the baby and keep it safe.
While johnny downstairs looking around the downstairs area of the house someone attacks john from behind and shoots johnny in the head.
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Johnny turns around to take one last look. He saw nothing but a man in a black suit who had killed him.
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The killer runs off and the wife put the baby down in a bed and run downstairs and lays on her husband as she cries.
Neighbors called the police and reported that the wife killer her husband… The wife gets her baby taken away and goes to jail.
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Jenny calls jose her uncle to bail her out of jail. Jose is a very mysterious person he never takes off his blue hat but when he showed up to the police station he had it off. Jenny asked where was his hat he said it wasn't important.
Jose says “i’ll be back i’ll see what i can do to get you out” Jose comes back 30 mins later and say” you're out tomorrow jen.”
Jose leave and when jenny calls jose to thank him she hears the voice mail he had left say he lefted out of the country and never coming back.
5 hours later the cops contact jenny and say the they took fingerprints of jose when he went to go bail her out and the fingerprints matched the fingerprints that were on the doorknob that night.
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When someone bailed in their house. Jenny was shock…