What is Media Literacy? (2)

Media Literacy being the way to analyse information, etc...

What is Media Literacy?

Media Literacy is being able to analyze, evaluate, and create Media in various forms. This includes being able to dissect and pick apart novel that you read, correlate dystopian societies to your reality, and to recognize how technology in society changes our population as a whole to mold and shift our ideas. Like in Macbeth, when he becomes totally fixated with having all reign over his people, and even goes to lengthy measures to kill the King, and his servants, pinning it on the servants and calling this a homicide. This story captured a pure honest and humble man being trapped by his own greed and cravings for complete and total reign even if it is for a short period of time. This example can be related to real life, how people from humble beginnings can be manipulated by their own sinly desires that consume their being, and forces them to comply with the temptations inside of them yearning to be busted out. Media Literacy is a way to trace similarities of fictional dystopian societies to the not so far-fetched ones we live in today, blending them to realize these are the traits of our society today. Also, in the book 1984, how Winston’s fix for destroying The Party’s corrupt government after he gave into his thought crime and begin to start writing in his journal he bought for the first time; Which brings the idea of Doublespeak (Believing that two opposing ideas are entirely true even when they are juxtaposing each other) existing in our society, and how to hold to multiple ideas that oppose one another. Media Literacy is a way to analyze and compare both societies and realities.