Transgenic Crops

By: Chase & Naeshon

What is a transgenic crop?

A transgenic crop contains a gene or genes which have been artificially inserted instead of the plant acquiring them through pollination. The inserted gene sequence known as the transgene may come from another unrelated plant or from a completely different species.

What Careers involve Transgenic Crops?

Production of Pharmaceutical agents, biofuels, Bioremediation, A big producer of this stuff is Monsanto.

News Article.

Transgenic Crops or crops that have mixed or combined genes are proven to suck up contaminates from soil. Buts its a big issue because sometimes the transgenic crops sucking up all the contaminates can make the plants sick. The good thing about this is you don't have to clean up or treat soil because the transgenic crops suck out the chemicals. Rice plants engineered with the genes suck up 3 to 6 times the contaminates rather then when they don't have the super genes. Even India has started to use transgenic crops.

Ethical issues


Gm crops could have a potential negative affect on humans


might add additional nutrients to food

can also help find new vaccines and antibiotics

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