Tierra Fría

The Cool Highlands


The farmers have adapted their way of planting and such to the highland environment. They grow crops that do well at high elevations. The crops include potatoes, wheat, barley, corn, apples, and pears. Farmers also use terracing in order too carve fields out of the steep hillsides, they build walls on the slopes and fill them in with soil to create flat land for planting. They irrigate these terraces with mountain streams.

Highland Village

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They wear warm woolen clothes to protect themselves from the cold. Woman wear shawls and light sweaters.

The People and their regular clothing

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The people trade farm products between the higher and lower elevation zones of the Andes Mountains. Highland farmers cannot grow crops from the lower zones, like bananas, oranges, and tomatoes. Children play in the day with sunlight so it is not so cold outside. The woman do the shopping and housework as well.

Children at school

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Their house are very thick-walled made out of stone or they even use adobe brick.

Inca Village Ruins

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