The Treasure Map

October 8-October 12

The Week in Preview

  • MAP Testing
  • 2:45 Third and Fourth Grade PLC meeting

  • MAP Testing
  • 2:50- Standards Based Report Card Overview in the media center- please download NearPod as an APP. We will be using this in the training, it is free!

  • Late Start- We will begin at 7:45 in the Media Center- Dr. Sharp will be joining us!
  • MAP Testing
  • 2:45 Second PLC meetings
  • 2:45 First and Kindergarten PLC meeting in the conference room

  • Principal Network Meeting (7:30-until...)
  • MAP Testing
  • 9:00 Energy Show
  • 9:40 Energy Show
  • Choose the show time that works best for your schedule and let administration know which time you choose. If it effects any other staff members in the building please also notify them.

  • Student Council Elections
  • MAP Testing
  • 2:45 Fifth Grade PLC Meeting

    The Fine Points:

    The Pirate Way

      • Please consider making a dessert to bring to school for WatchDog Dads night Tuesday (October 9, 2012) This event will begin at 6:30-we are not asking you to stay (although we would love it if you would) but we would like for you to bring a dessert to share with the dads this night! You can bring it with you to school on Tuesday! Thanks for your help with this!
      • GBE goals are due Oct. 12th. Since we have already had data meetings at the beginning of the year it will not be necessary to have another conference. Crystal will review goals with third through fifth grade and "others" and Rhonda will review goals with Kindergarten through second grade and "specials". You may send these to us electronically or make an appointment with us to get these completed. If you would like to make an appointment please contact your designated administrator for times. Follow this link to the forms on the district website...
      • The PTA Fall Fundraiser will go home Wednesday. We realize that this means students will have two fundraisers out at once. This was not our intention, but printing delays for both fundraisers have created this conundrum! Please remind parents of purchasing now for Christmas and assure them that these are the only two Fall Fundraisers this year!

      Thought for the week:

      Find Common Ground: Find what UNITES you rather than what SEPARATES you!