Learning Strategy #41 -Morgan Cossette

What is Sketch-to-Stretch?

Students draw pictures or diagrams to show what the story means to them, not just pictures of their favorite character or scene. Students can use lines, shapes, colors, symbols, and words to represent their feelings.

Why use Sketch-to-Stretch?

Sketch-to-Stretch is a great way to get your students to deepen their understanding of stories that they are reading. Students have to learn how to choose the theme of the text. Also, through this strategy students learn that stories can have more than one interpretation.

When to use this instructional strategy?

Sketch-to-Stretch should be used whenever the students are reading and discussing a story.

How to use Sketch-to-Stretch?

  • Read and respond to a story
  • Discuss the themes
  • Draw the sketches
  • Share the sketches with their group
  • Share some sketches together with the class
  • Revise sketches and make final copies

Common Core Standards for ELA: Sketch-to-Stretch

  • Determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development.
  • Analyze how visual elements contribute to meaning.


Additonal Rescourse

This is a lesson plan created to use and introduce the sketch-to-stretch strategy in the classroom.

The link is provided: