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November 2014 Recognition

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Congrats on a fantastic November everyone!

Another fantastic month for the record books! Yes, we had our BEST month (of the two) as a Nation! That's just so exciting and so inspiring and I know it's JUST THE BEGINNING!

I want you all to know that as I sat down at the table for Thanksgiving dinner, and I reflected on the countless blessings that I have in my life, Arbonne and each and everyone of you were certainly at the top of my list. Yes, I am immeasurably grateful for my husband and children and our health, but to be honest with you, I wouldn't have the ability to ENJOY my husband, our kids and our health if it were not for Arbonne. I would be stressed, I would be distracted, I would be negative and likely very hopeless if it were not for this business and opportunity. And if you are still in the place of stress, distraction and negativity... know that at least you have HOPE. Hope is the magic medicine that gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your days in the 'dark place' are numbered. You not only have the key, YOU'RE ON YOUR WAY towards a better life! I hope you were all able to reflect on that and feel grateful for all the blessings that you DO have in your life! God knows I take it all for granted too frequently.

This year has been completely crazy, totally out of balance and ridiculously fulfilling. It brings me to my knees to look back and see what we have created this year... the commotion, the leaders, the lives changed, the trips earned, the inspiration given, the hope dealed, and the dreams made real. I have NEVER had a year like this in my business, and I'm so grateful because now I know what's POSSIBLE! Hold on tight, guys, because 2015 is going to be BIGGER and BETTER! Can you even believe that? Now we know what it looks like to raise the bar. Now we know what we're really capable of. Now we know how much we matter and how big of a circle of influence we have. Don't waste it! Lock arms with me, team, because we're going to the top. And by that I mean, YOU'RE going to the top! It's your time to shine! Thank you 2014, it's been real fun! 2015... BRING IT ON!

Congrats on a fantastic month. I'm so, so proud of you for always pushing towards your very best life!

1/2 Way Nation ~ Toni Templeman, Livermore, CA

Sponsored by Lauren Haberman

Never a dull moment with Toni and Team Templeman! We are blessed so that we may bless others!

New RVP!!! Jeni Anderson, Bozeman, MT

Sponsored by Toni Templeman

Jeni, warmest welcome to the VP team! I can not WAIT to drive across this beautiful country with my husband (Lord, help us) to help celebrate (and MEET) your amazing team of leaders in Montana! Want a gift you are to this team and to Arbonne! I can not wait to see what your life and the lives of all those around you look like 10 years from now... it's staggering to imagine, I'll admit! You were put on this earth to do great things!

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1/2 Way Region ~ Kari Reynosa, Livermore, CA

Sponsored by Jeni Anderson

New Area Managers!!

Susan Howell, Ventura, CA sp'd by Jeni Anderson

Jill Nonn, Livermore, CA sp'd by Toni Templeman

Area Managers in Qualification

Ryan Templeman, Livermore, CA sp'd by Toni Templeman

Kimberly Phirman, Livermore, CA sp'd by Ryan Templeman

Danielle Stenz, Carson City, NV sp'd by Sylena Barela

Aisha Zaza, South Lake Tahoe, CA sp'd by Lisa Malone

New District Managers

Ryan Templeman, Livermore, CA sp'd by Toni Templeman

Kimberly Phirman, Livermore, CA sp'd by Ryan Templeman

Tatiana Oddson, Dublin, CA sp'd by Heather Ceccanti

Jenenne Gerardi, Santa Clarita, CA sp'd by Susan Howell

Amy Moyer, Reno, NV sp'd by Angie Serawop

Amy Slack, South Lake Tahoe, CA sp'd by Aisha Zaza

District Managers in Qualification

Kelly Sheridan, Livermore, CA sp'd by Kimberly Phirman

Christine Rawls, Livermore, CA sp'd by Kimberly Phirman

Angela Dizon, Discovery Bay, CA sp'd by Kimberly Phirman

Victoria Dobbs, Castro Valley, CA sp'd by Katie Tavres

Veronica Pavlakis, San Leandro, CA sp'd by Naensila Randhawa

Laurie Hitchens, Brentwood, CA sp'd by Robbie Alexander

Jennifer Kinney, Livermore, CA sp'd by Courtney Kukahiko

Ashley Clark, Brentwood, CA sp'd by Katie Wadkins

Melissa Maltsberger, Dixon, CA sp'd by Katie Wadkins

Matthew Hancock, Missoula, MT sp'd by Jeni Anderson

Kellee Vedders, Bozeman, MT sp'd by Jeni Anderson

Elaina Renuis, Colbert, WA sp'd by Matthew Hancock

Holly Girardi, Rancho Murieta, CA sp'd by Susan Howell

Jo Howell, Grass Valley, CA sp'd by Jenenne Gerardi

Alicia Beckman, Fair Oaks, CA sp'd by Susan Howell

Linda Shore, Alameda, CA sp'd by Susan Howell

Brittney Leibenguth, Dillon, MT sp'd by Kayla Schmid

Jamie Sebring, Simi Valley, CA sp'd by Kari Reynosa

Katy Nelson, El Segundo, CA sp'd by Kari Reynosa

Laura Richardson, Chandler, AZ sp'd by Kari Reynosa

Dayna Jesus, Hayward, CA sp'd by Kari Reynosa

Whitney Tavares, San Diego, CA sp'd by Kari Reynosa

Sarah Dewing, Livermore, CA sp'd by Kari Reynosa

Jessica Carnahan, Simi Valley, CA sp'd by Jamie Sebring

Diana Wiggins, Davis, CA sp'd by Cheryl Sullivan

Kelly Pool, Chico, CA sp'd by Beth Nelson

Shannon Jimenez, Winters, CA sp'd by Christy Bautista

Anee Angel, Pocatello, ID sp'd by Angie Serawop

Marisa Cozart, Oakland, CA sp'd by Lauren Haberman

Robyn Peterson, Citrus Heights, CA sp'd by Heather Puelo

Heather Puelo, Sacramento, CA sp'd by Shauna Bambino

Amy Villaret, South Lake Tahoe, CA sp'd by Molly Lovell

Kaylee Sedler, Angels Camp, CA sp'd by Holly Jones

Adrian Martinez, Pueblo, CO sp'd by Renee Brockman

Abby Killebrew, South Lake Tahoe, CA sp'd by Andrea Killebrew

Tricia Harris, Lahaina, HI sp'd by Lani Dicks

Becky Hanson, Minden, NV sp'd by Jennifer Crawford

Kira Levey, South Lake Tahoe, CA sp'd by Vanessa Hodges

Tiffany Fischer, Copell, TX sp'd by Lisa Malone

Meghan Mara, Carmichael, CA sp'd by Aisha Zaza

Tesha Wolf, Orangevale, CA sp'd by Aisha Zaza

Lisa Desai, Sherman Oaks, CA sp'd by Shannon Vital

Heidi Moore, Chester, CA sp'd by Amanda Harris

Greagrey Waldrop, Porter Ranch, CA Stephanie Coronado

Brie Stahlmann, San Jose, CA sp'd by Stephanie Coronado

Kelley Lindberg, Los Angeles, CA sp'd by Aleyna Stroud

$$ Bonus Earners $$

RVP Bonus

Toni Templeman

AM Bonus

Wendy Cunningham

Toni Templeman

Jeni Anderson

Kari Reynosa

Lisa Malone

DM Bonus

Toni Templeman

Heather Ceccanti

Jeni Anderson

Susan Howell

Kari Reynosa

Angie Serawop

Molly Lovell

Lisa Malone

Aisha Zaza


Toni Templeman

Top Sales & Sponsoring

Top Region Sales

Toni Templeman

Top Region Sponsoring

Toni Templeman, 139

Top Area Sales

Toni Templeman

Top Area Sponsoring

Toni Templeman & Kari Reynosa, 34

Top District Sales

Kari Reynosa

Top District Sponsoring

Kari Reynosa, 30

Top Personal Sponsoring

Kari Reynosa, 14

December Is Double Volume Towards The Cruise!

HOW LUCKY ARE WE??? A) That we get to EARN A FREE CRUISE FOR OUR FAMILY!! Say what??? I don't know about you, but my old boss wasn't giving away any free 7 day cruises! And B) that we have ANOTHER DOUBLE VOLUME MONTH! Okay Arbonne... we get it... you want us to actually go on said cruise. Well okay fine! Take them up on this offer, guys! Go for it! Go big! Leave it all on the table! The ONLY regret is not giving it your all- not giving it your very best. GIVE IT YOUR VERY BEST!
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Team Meetings & Guest Events:

Tahoe Nation Meeting ***NOTE: PERMANENT CHANGE OF DAY***

Always the first WEDNESDAY of the month starting in Jan (formerly first Monday!)

Barton Hospital Board Room at 6:30pm (formerly 6pm)

Roseville Team Meeting ***NOTE: PERMANENT CHANGE OF DAY***

Always the first MONDAY of the month starting in Jan (formerly first Wednesday!)

AM Shauna Bambino's house at 7pm

DA Call

Every Thursday at 7pm

Plug in your prospects!



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If you haven't gotten the memo... you're not to miss this event! :) Make sure your new and existing team are getting this memo! I WISH I would have been able to start my business on THIS foot! If you're brand new, this IS EXACTLY what you should be looking to attend! Think of it this way... some people sign up in May and have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to get filled up like we do at this event!
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