Staci's Shining Stars

March 2016

A Message from Me...

Everyone of us has this little thing called a "life." Sometimes that "life" gets in the way of our plans! I know that every day, I have things I need to do. Sometimes I get to them...and sometimes it takes me three months to complete. You know what that makes me? It makes me normal!

The reason why I tell you this is because I am just as "normal" as all of you! I have a very busy life and some days, I have to just sit back and let my life happen.

However, from time to time - I have to take a minute to remember my WHY! The WHY that has allowed me to grow and become this strong woman that I see when I look in my mirror!

Your goals & dreams are within just have to want them! No matter what YOUR WHY...there is always a home for you here with Thirty-One Gifts and of course...with the Shining Stars team!

Have a great month!

xoxo, Staci

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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts and the Shining Stars Team!!!

January / February

Christine Pruitt

Corinne Ravid




Entire Downline Sales - $12,292.00

Active Consultants - 31

# of States - 8

Number of Parties - 20


Entire Downline Sales - $10,251.00

Active Consultants - 28

# of States - 6

Number of Parties - 25

Congratulations to the following ROCKSTARS who achieved Level 1, 2 or 3 of the Ready Set Sell incentive (pictured above). The earning period was from 12/31/15 through 01/20/16! I hope you are enjoying your free Spring products!

Woohoo to.......Stacey DiGirolamo, Shanan Maisano, Jenny Moody, Kayla Powell, Sandy Slowik, and Helen Zinger!!!!!

Biggest PARTY of the YEAR!!!

I am sooo excited that I registered for the biggest party of the year...Conference 2016 in July! Many of you have been asking questions about this event! All I can say is that you will NEVER experience anything quite like it....just ask any of the girls on our team who have been to Conference before! Here's what some of them had to say when they described their experience:

Stacey DiGirolamo: "Exciting, rejuvenating, sisterhood, proud and MOTIVATING!!"

Shanan Maisano: "Uplifting, connective and VERY educational!"

Helen Zinger: "Lots of FUN...and very informative!"

If you haven't looked already....check out the Conference 2016 info on T.O.T. today! I'd love to have some of my team there to party with me inside the "PINK BUBBLE"!!!!!

Better Together Field Event

Better Together meetings are the perfect place to hear helpful tips about how to grow your business while also connecting and learning from other consultants and leaders in your area!

Next month's meeting will take place between April 16-23, and it includes info about the Spring Gift Guide, important messages from Cindy and tips from some of our top consultants!

Register today through March 28!! Don't miss out!!!

Don't forget to check the Business Update section on ThirtyOneToday often! From shipping status to inventory updates...even stop sell items - the Business Update section has all the information you are looking for!!! With the new catalog just weeks will see many things on LOW inventory and STOP SELL if it is really popular! Please look at this list before every party so you are fully prepared and "in-the-know." Let me know if you need help finding this!
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My Personal Stats - January/ February

  • My PV - Jan $3,771.00 / Feb $3,184.00
  • Number of Parties - Jan 3 / Feb 7
  • Number of Recruits - Jan 1 / Feb 1
  • 25% Commission (and my paycheck had I not chosen leadership)
  • - Jan $942.75 / Feb $796.00
  • Total Paycheck as a Director - Jan $1,311.51 / Feb $1,103.53