Nuclear Engineering

Kyle Mattoon

Nuclear engineers research and develop instruments and systems to find the benefits from nuclear energy and radiation. Nuclear engineers use radioactive material for most of their designs in order to harness nuclear power. Nuclear engineering seems like an interesting field of work and something that I might consider for a career.

A Nuclear Engineer's average day

A Nuclear engineer can spend his day doing a variety of things. Such as design or develop nuclear equipment, ensure all equipment meets safety standards, Monitor nuclear facility operations, perform experiments with nuclear materials, or gather data from previous accidents.
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Starting salary for Nuclear Engineers

The starting salary for a Nuclear engineer straight out of college ends up being around $70,000 a year. Later on in their career they can make up to $149,000 a year
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Education needed to become a Nuclear Engineer

Entry level positions require a bachelor's degree. A Nuclear Engineer also requires other skills to succeed. Analytical skills are needed to identify design elements. Communication skills are needed so the engineer can work with other professionals in the field to solve a problem. All engineers are expected to have a solid grasp on math as well.