Questions about Texas Leaders

Daniel uribe & Cooper lopez

What I want to Know

Dwight D. Esenhower-

What did Dwight D. Esenhower do in world war 2?

He planned the D-day attack and made germany surrender.

Ann Richards-

What role did ann richards do in the economy? what type of leadership skills did she use that made her important to Texas?

She helped fix the economy which helped tons of people

Lyndon B. Jhonson-

How did the Great Society impact his leadership skills?

The great society that he made was a new opportunity for people which made him look good as president.

Mirriam "Ma" Furguson-

Why was "Ma" Furguson a good leader against Segrigation tribes such as the KKK?

She campainged against the KKK and she helped with alot of social and political problems.


7.18A Identify the leadership qualities of elected and appointed leaders of Texas, past and present, including Texans who have been president of the United States