Great Barrier Reef Resort

Where Magic Happenes

The Resort

I intend to build a 8 floor dream resort. On this resort there would be an inside and outside pool. This resort would be beach front and will have many tours to the Great Barrier Reef. Inside of the reef there will be a casino, restaurant,ect. and many suites to stay in. There will be many tours that will that will take you out to the great barrier reef such as snorkeling.

This resort should be located by the Great Barrier Reef because the Great Barrier reef is a big tourist attraction and many people want to explore this great reef.

This resort will bring in a lot of money for our country. There is many things that will be costly but in the end will be worth it. Many people will want to be part of the experience.

This resort will be going green with many things that will help protect the reef. We will not allow the guests to Touch nor get near the reefs coral. There will be no fishing near the reef. At the resort we will use reusable and reef safe products.

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