George H. W. Bush

41st President (1989 - 1993)

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General Info

  • Graduate of Yale

  • Veteran of WWII

  • Entered the White House with an abundance of foreign policy experience

  • Served as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Director of the CIA, and as Ronald Reagan’s Vice President

Foreign Policy

  • Acted swiftly to provide aid and protect human rights in Somalia (“Operation Restore Hope” helped to establish a cease-fire between rival warlords and delivered food to hundreds of thousands of starving people)

  • The American humanitarian mission reinforced UN peace-keeping and relief efforts

  • Even some of Bush’s most persistent critics applauded his decision to intervene in Somalia

  • Bush was careful with China by reacting cautiously when the Chinese government suppressed prodemocracy protests in Tiananmen Square

  • The Bush administration arrested and tried several international drug figures, including Eduardo Martinez Romero, the reputed financier of a Colombian drug cartel

  • Fought drug trafficking in Panama: In December 1989, Bush sent more than 12,000 U.S. troops to invade Panama and arrest the dictator Manuel Noriega (convicted of several charges of drug trafficking and sentenced to 40 years in prison)

  • Condemned the killing and imprisonment of Chinese students during their protest demonstrations in Tiananmen Square and suspended arms sales to China

  • Bush made the pragmatic choice to remain engaged with China economically and diplomatically, rather than cut off ties with the country

  • Bush helped to dismantle the apartheid in South Africa by meeting with Nelson Mandela and endorsing the drive to bring democracy to South Africa

  • The most important foreign-policy challenge faced by the Bush administration; took place in the Persian Gulf

  • 1990 On August 2nd Iraq invaded its neighbor Kuwait

  • Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq, invaded Kuwait seeking to take over Kuwait’s rich oil deposits-hoping to use the influence of power it would give him

  • President Bush made it clear that he would not tolerate Iraq’s aggression

  • Worked to build an international coalition and backed a UN resolution demanding that Iraq troops withdraw

Domestic Policy

  • Called for a “gentler and kinder nation”

  • AIDS research funding rose greatly.

  • Encouraged americans volunteer to control national spending.

  • American Disabilities act (ADA)
  • The ADA ensured that Americans with disabilities will receive the same opportunities in employment and access to public transportation and public places other Americans. The act benefits more than 43 million people and is another stride forward in the quest to protect the rights of all Americans
  • Cracked down on Drug use- not a new policy, presidents before and after Bush did this too.

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