How Much is Too Much?

Agriculture Adjustment Administration (AAA)

What's Going on in Our Country?

The U.S. is truly a wonderful place, full of hope and new beginnings, offering outstanding health care and jobs. Even though we offer lots of jobs to all types of people, we still have a 5% unemployment rate, and even more people currently in a state of poverty. That's where we come in. The AAA will offer around 200,000 jobs for men and women around the U.S..


It has come to our attention that the United States is facing a crisis. Everyone knows about water conservation and how we can only use 0.3 percent of fresh water on Earth. Did you know farms are the #1 user of water around the world? Whats also amazing is that a HUGE majority of those farms are taking advantage of our Earths resources and wasting all this water at a huge rate. And on top of that, farms are misusing poisonous fertilizers and causing damage to the 922 million acres of farms in the U.S.. Also all this poor farming has a negative role to play in global warming, with all the livestock and clearing of land procedures, it puts a lot of bad stuff in the air, causing pollution and climate change.

But fear not! The Agriculture Adjustment Administration is here to help!

What We Do

The AAA will take people under the poverty line and send them to major farms around the U.S. Then these people will go to work replacing pipes, teaching farmers how to use better fertilizers and so much more.

Doing this will help America save our resources, protect habitats of animals, lower pollution and help farmers pass on the good techniques.

Who Can Help?

Almost anyone!

As long as you are a U.S citizen and between the ages of 18-40 and currently making $24,300 per year or less you are eligible (this is the poverty line for a family of 4). Every month you will make 4,500 and 70% of this goes directly to any family they may have

How long will this last?

This program will end up taking approximately 5 years after it launches. If the program begins on schedule and the program starts in the next 6 months, we will end up a much better country around October 2017. During holidays, workers will return home to family and friends, as well as get various breaks throughout their time.

Where will this program travel too?

The AAA will pay a visit to a majority of the U.S., focusing on agricultural rich places like Texas, California, and Illinois.

What the Government Will Do

The Government will buy advertisements on TV, broadcast our plan on the radio and post advertisements on billboards. An office will open in many big cities to sign up. It will be very similar to the way you can sign up for the army. Once we have the desired number of men and woman, they will then meet in the Michigan Stadium where they will be assigned to a farm. Once they reach the farm, they will set up camp. They will not need to rely on the farmers, the government will supply them with food, a doctor and all basic necessities to live for the next five years. The government will also raise the prices of land to avoid more purchases.

About The AAA's Past

The AAA aren't newbies. In the Great Depression (1929- 1939) they helped out then too. Back then, the U.S. had a major dust problem that you may know of as the Dust Bowl Era, during this time they taxed food processors and gave money directly to farmers as a payment for not growing food. This decreased the supply of food, causing the price to go up and also helped the dust not get in the air as much.