Walt Disney

Why did walt disney make animated movies for people?

Creating the film

Walt Disney became a motion picture and television producer because of the hard work he's done. Starting the film he used a camera and hand drawn papers for the films. The film has to be edited at the end or than it wont work as a movie. He and his brother Roy had to pay for many supplies and lots of paper for the animation. They also had to use a video tape camera for the drawn papers to be placed to start the film.

Top first charater films he has created

The first top charaters Walt has made were snow white, pinocciho, Cinderella, Donald Duck, Bambi, and of course Mickey mouse. Those became the most popular drawn charaters walt has made back in the days. But now a days theres new charaters and new things they've done to movies. One thing people might not know is that the charater mickey mouses voice was actually walts original voice.

The Disney bros

The Disney bros was actually there group name for the anamations they made and also knowing they were all working together to get as far as they can to create the movie. Walt Disney his brother Roy and his other brother Raymond.


Disney created movies for people because since he made a book over one of his charater films he thought it Would be even better if the story was put into life so people would be fasinated in a new thing he's done.


Walter also thought that each movie he'd done would be over a lesson learned in life or over fantasy.


Some of the Websites I used were:

www.StartedbyaMouse.com were usually has a lot of history from the past about Walter.

www.JustDisney.com this explains how the animation was built to its form and how he created it.

http://entertainment.time.com/2013/10/16/10-things-you-probably-didnt-know-about-walt-disney/ This one had things that you've might of not known about him so I thought it was very useful.

http://history1900s.about.com/od/people/a/Walt-Disney.htm this told me about how he became a famous motion picture producer as his self.

The one I thought was most useful was www.startedbyamouse.com I found lots of different information in this website than the other ones.

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