Kansas City Royals


Royals info

This is smore is about the Kansas City Royals!. The Royals have been to three world series', 1980, 1985 and 2014. Sadly they have lost two of three of those world series'. The only world series they have won was in 1985 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Royals roster 2015-2016

The Royals' Right fielder is Alex Rios, The left fielder, Alex Gordon, Center fielder, Lorenzo Cain. Now for the infield. 3rd baseman, Mike Moustakas, shortstop, Alcides Escobar, 2nd baseman, Omar Infante, !st baseman, Eric Hosmer and the catcher is Salvador Perez. Eric Hosmer, Salvador perez and Alex Gordon have all won gold gloves.
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