13-Week GED Prep Course

Through a partnership with Bell Gardens Chamber of Commerce

10 Scholarships Available for the Best GED Prep Course in Town

This course will be offered by LatinoRen, creators of the first #GEDprepbot, named FrAnkIe. Armando Rodriguez, LatinoRen Founder, will personally teach this course. He brings over 15 years of GED prep teaching experience. This course focuses on:

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Test Prep Strategies
  3. Math Instruction (Basic Math to Algebra/Geometry)
  4. Language Arts/Essay Writing

Dont miss this unique chance to study and pass the GED by May 31st!

Meets Twice A Week (2.5 hours each day)

  • Classes will be on Tuesday and Thursday (Evenings- Time TBD)
  • Must have perfect attendance
  • Scholarship requires a Letter of Recommendation from a former teacher, an employer or community member
  • High school transcripts
  • Short essay describing why you should be chosen

Instructors for this course are:

Best course for working adults who have been out of school

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I cant get a letter of recommendation?

A: Latinoren or Bell Gardens Chamber will consider applicants with an interview if a letter is not possible.

Q: Do you pay for the GED test?

A: No, this is for the GED prep course only. We will try to fund raise for those who cannot pay for the test.

Q: Can I take this test if Im still in HS?

A: No, this is for adults who are 18 or older.

LatinoRen is not a business, it's not an organization, it's a movement!

LatinoRen is an organization that uses technology as a conduit for providing individuals with a second academic chance and thus empowers them to improve their circumstance.