Mintzberg on Management

Jared and TJ

Major Managerial Roles

Interpersonal - Communication with other employees is important in order to successfully run a business (i.e. face-to-face contact)

Informational - Managers spend most of their time giving and getting information from others. Information is gained by communicating with one another and scanning the business environment

Decisional - Turning the information obtained from listening to others and share with people inside and outside of the company to make good decisions.

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Interpersonal Subroles

  1. Figurehead - Performing ceremonial duties
  2. Leader - Managers motivate and encourage workers to accomplish organizational objectives
  3. Liaison - Dealing with people outside of their units

Informational Subroles

  1. Monitor - Scan their environment for their information
  2. Disseminator - Share information with others in their departments or companies
  3. Spokesperson - Share information with people outside their departments or companies

Decisional Subroles

  1. Entrepreneur - Adapt themselves, their subordinates, and their units to change (inspire themselves and others)
  2. Disturbance Handler - Respond to immediate actions
  3. Resource Allocator - Controls and distributes resources and with the correct amounts
  4. Negotiator - Negotiate schedules, projects, goals, outcomes, resources, and employee raises