Kindergarten Newsletter


Classroom News!

This week we read a book called "Feeling Thankful" by Shelly Rotner. The children cut pictures from magazines that reflected their ideas about things that they were thankful for in their lives. They glued these pictures on a piece of paper to create "thankful collages" which are displayed on our classroom bulletin board.

In Math we compared the number of letters in each of our names with that of our classmates. The task was to create three graphs showing names that had more, less, or the same number of letters as yours. We discovered interesting information such as whose names had the most and least letters, etc.

Conversation Starters

* Who is Bert the turkey and why did he need to dance?

* What is Kindergarten Team Time? What did we talk about and what did we wear?

* What did we do with the scarecrow picture during tech lab?

Fun Things To Do At Home

* Play the Hi-Lo card game (also known as War)

* Collect a number of different types of leaves. Sort your collection by shape and then by color. Make a graph of the leaf collection. Are there other ways the leaves can be graphed? (eg. size) Are any of the leaves symmetrical?

Important Message

Kindergarten will be going on a field trip to the Great Harvest Bread Company on Tuesday, November 18. We will leave school promptly at 9:30 AM and return at around 11:30AM.

Apps This Week!

This week we used an app called "Bob Books." We practiced letter sounds, making words and reading simple sentences.
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Dance! Dance! Bert should have a chance!