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About Me

Hey there! My name is Chris and I would like to thank you for visiting my English Porfolio. I currently reside in Henrico. I attend High School and so far so good. English used to be one of my least liked subjects but recently it has earned some brownie points. I am actually beginning to understand it! I currently have an A in this class and Im going to try my hardest to maintain it.


This portfolio will be used to display the work I have completed in english so far. Anyone from teachers, friends, family, classmates, and strangers can view and see what I am currently doing in class.

6 Word Memoir

Joyful me. Joyful family. Joyous life.

Sun/Shadow Sentence

I am like the fire because I am determined.

Inwardly, I am like water because I am submissive.

Favorite Quote/Response

"Good things come to those who wait" ~ American Proverb (Qoute 14)

  • This is my favorite quote because it is so true.
  • I have to wait for Halloween to get candy. I makes it worth it.

Peer editing

My essay is about being the most fit person I can be and how I do stride to do so.

Strengths and Weaknesses: I am very good at using transition words and metaphors. I am not so good at implying emotions into my writing.

Like or Dislike Assignment: I liked this assignment cause it allowed me to share apart of myself to the class. Im sure no one knew I was very phyisically active. I wouldnt change anything about this assignment.

All the world's

All the world's a forest. And all the men and women are trees. A seed, we are born with life and so much ahead. Growing with water pouring on our head. Nurtured by the soil among. Root by root and day by day, a sapling sprouts fourth this very day. Nurtured and healthy, clean and clear. We live with other so very dear. Wild and reckless, the tree ventures. Off to wilderness, never in winter. Living a joyous life we all know it must end. Singing a song of happy trees till the end. The tree grows strong, bark covered and protected. Never to be touched or rejected. Hogging soil and life the tree with eventually pay the price. Followed by others the tree grows old, clinging to life, day by day. We saw it coming but not today. Wise and aged we celebrate the day has come. Lifeless trees fill the ground.

You Can Call Me - Reflection

When I was assigned this project I was honestly excited but lately I've been getting lazy with my work and I ended up procratinating this essay. In the wee hours of the morning, the day it was due, I smelted this lousy excuse of an essay an turned it in. Luckly, I recieved a 36/40 on this assignment even though I know I could have achieved more. Great assignment. Next time I will do better.

Bio Poem

Link to my Personal Bio Poem

Antigone Bio Poem

Link to my Antigone Bio Poem

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

I think I made my topic very clear during the entire essay. But I think I could have spent more time into my essay and worded it better. I would have to say this was not my favorite essay. I couldnt really "FEEL" the topic while I was writing it. So I was not able to express myself to well.