Teacher - Special Education

By: Ashley Wuller - Hour 3

Description & Responsibilities

Special Education Teachers work with children and youth who have disabilities: learning, mental, emotional, and physical.

-Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities: Adapt general education lessons and teach various subjects like reading, writing, math, etc.

-Students with Severe Disabilities: Teach basic skills like literacy and communication techniques

Education Requirements

-High School Diploma / GED

-Bachelor's Degree

-Complete approved teacher training program

-Complete additional training in Special Education

-Complete Student teacher internship

-Pass state licensing exam

Ongoing education:

-recommended ~ continued education in the field


$35,040 - $52,190 per year (MO)

Workplace Environment

Interpersonal Realtionships:

-Social contact

-Placed in conflict situations

-Deal with parents

-Responsible for work outcomes and health and safety of children

-Work in groups

-Communication daily

Physical Work Conditions:

-Mostly indoors, sometimes outdoors

-Often noise level is high

-Work very near to others

Work Performance:

-Have to be exact in work


-Make daily decisions

-Set daily tasks and goals

-Strict weekly deadlines

Hours / Travel:

-Regular school schedule

-40+ hours a week

-Typically a ten month school year

Job Satisfaction

Helping children with disabilities learn new things that will benefit them

-Most special education teachers are very satisfied with their job and love it

-2011 Forbes voted Special Education Teachers in the top 10 happiest jobs

Skills Needed


-Reason and Problem Solve

-Use Math and Science

-Manage Oneself, People, Time & Things

-Work with People

-Perceive & Visualize

Opportunities for Advancement

-Supervisors or administrators

-College instructors and prepare others to teacher (advanced degree)

-Mentor teachers (provide guidance to beginning teachers and lighter teaching load)

Advantages of Occupation

1. Opportunity to help others and influence children

2. Most have a summer vacation

3. Can work in many settings and grade levels

4. Can become board certified

Personality Traits


-Artistic / Creative

-Big Heart

-Loving / Caring





-And Much More!

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