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September 2015

Happy September!

We're well on our way into the semester and we have some fun things in store for the month. We'll be celebrating Charger Village's 5th Birthday at the front desk with cupcakes for everyone next week! As classes are gearing up please make sure that you're taking advantage of the Academic Resources available at the Student Success Center, which is located in the back of the Library. See below for general announcements about things going on this month...
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Room Change Weekend

Interested in doing a room change? This is the weekend to do it! Room Change Weekend is September 11-13th and you must notify CV RD, Jessica Head, at by Wednesday, September 9th if you'd like to do a room change.

All room changes are based on availability of space!

Lock Outs

Charges for Lock Outs have started - it is a $10 charge that gets charged to your student account. You are responsible for carrying your Charger Card and your keys at all times so there are very few exceptions that get made with the charging of lock outs. If you are locked out of your suite you will need to come down to the front desk to start the lock out process!

Controlled Chaos

Monday, Sep. 14th, 8:30pm

Charger Village MPR

The career fair has come and gone--so now what's next? You will get the chance to brush up on their introduction, interview, and food etiquette skills so they will be ready for the interviews that follow the career fair. We will set up stations where they will be interviewed, introduce themselves, and get to eat in a formal setting.

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Charger Village Living the Dream Shirts for Sale!

Seen the staff wearing these super awesome shirts?! We'll be selling them for $15 and taking orders at the front desk starting September 14th. We will need your shirt size and your money for the shirt and will be making the order for them on October 5th - so be sure to order yours if you're interested!

Support our Chargers!

Come and out and support our Charger Athletes! Here are the home games for September:

Cross Country: 9/12 at 9am

W. Soccer: 9/7 at 1pm, 9/9 at 5pm, 9/12 at 1pm, 9/14 at 7pm, 9/20 at 1pm

M. Soccer: 9/7 at 6pm, 9/17 at 4pm

Volleyball: 9/5 at 1pm, 9/5 at 5pm, 9.18 at 7pm, 9/19 at 2pm

Coming Soon...

Health and Safety Checks

Monday, Oct. 12th, 12am

Charger Village

Health and Safety checks will be the week of October 12th! You will receive a notification on your door of what RAs and when they will be coming by to check your room. If you do not pass your Health and Safety check then we will recheck the same week - if you still don't pass after the recheck then your suite/room will be given to the cleaning service and you will be charged for the price to clean the area.