Frederick Douglass

Damien Kennedy 3-15-16


"What to the slave is the 4th of July"

"The thing worse than rebellion is the things that causes rebellion"

"One and God make a majority"


1818- Frederick Douglass is born

1824-Douglass moves to plantation on Wye River

1826-Douglass is sent to Baltimore to live with Hugh Auld

1827-Sophia Auld teaches Douglass to read

1829-Douglass begins work in shipyard as general assistant

1831-Douglass learns of Abolitionist Movement

1836-Douglass first attempt to escape slavery

1838-Douglass escapes from slavery

1839-Douglass subscribes to the Liberator

1841-Douglass speaks at anti-slavery convention

1843-Douglass is beaten by a mob

1845-Douglass delivers speech- Intemperance and Slavery

1847-Douglass Established Abolitionist Paper- The North Star


1818- Congress decides on the US Flag: 13 red and white strips and 20 stars

1824-Slavery is Abolished in Costa Rica

1826-HMS Beagle departs on its first voyage

1827-Slavery abolished in New York

1829-President Jackson makes an offer to by Texas, but Mexican Government refuses

1831-Edgar Allen Poe removed from West Point military academy

1836-Charles Darwin reaches Tasmania

1838-Kentucky passes laws permitting women to attend school under conditions

1839-The first Opium War goes on in China

1841-Alabama become first state to license dental surgeons

1843-1st Catholic Governor in US takes office

1845-1st time US Senate overrides presidential veto

1847-MIchigan is first state to abolish capital punishment

Frederick Douglass accomplished a lot in his life like teaching anti-slavery while touring Europe, teaching about the rights of women in the US, and convincing president Lincoln to recruit African American to be part of the military in the civil war.
Frederick Douglass - Mini Bio