Guidance Monthly Update

November 2017


ACT PRACTICE- Your students have access to a wonderful ACT practice site. Through the Naviance/Family Connections service the district provides, there is an ACT prep tool that will work with your student’s individual needs and works on their weaknesses. To access this awesome resource, go to the school’s website, click on “Students”, click on “Naviance”, log into Naviance/Family Connections, page down, and click on “Naviance Test Prep” which is located along the left-hand side of the site. Your student can then enter the test date they are planning on and take the three hour practice test so the program can discover what your student needs to work on. This is the same type of test prep that outside companies use but charge $400-$2000! Be sure to set aside time every week so the prep is consistent.

TWITTER The Guidance office is excited to announce that we have a twitter account and will be actively using it to send up to date messages and reminders. Be sure to follow us at:



APPLICATIONS- Seniors should begin to apply for their choice of college, tech school, apprenticeship, or employment. This year goes fast. Talk to your student about what they want to do after graduation and come up with a plan on how to achieve it. As always, we’d love to help you and your student to the best of our ability, just give us a call or shoot us an email about any questions of concerns. **********Counselor’s Hint: Planning your future can be overwhelming. Help your student come up with the goal and break it down into steps. Once you get through that first step, the others don’t seem as steep.

FAFSA- Students and parents are now allowed to submit their FAFSA!!!!!! You will need to have your tax information from 2016 ready. Be aware of college deadlines for FAFSA submissions, the best policy is to get it down as soon as possible. Go to to start your student’s FAFSA. ***********Please note that parents and students will need to have separate FSA ID’s that are registered under different email addresses.

SCHOLARSHIPS- Scholarships are a great way to assist in paying for college or other post secondary programs. You should never have to pay for a scholarship search! We recommend It is a free scholarship search engine. Our career programNAVIANCE/FAMILY CONNECTIONS also has a scholarship search engine. The Naviance link can be found on the high school website under STUDENTS. Counselor’s hint: Be sure to have your transcript release form filled out and signed if a transcript is needed. We cannot send a transcript without a signature; an email/phone call from the parent does not count. We need the signature!


ACT/SAT- November 3rd is the REGISTRATION deadline to apply for the December 9th ACT test. To register go to The SAT’s registration deadline for the December 2nd test is November 2nd. (SAT is not offered at Harrison, you must report to another testing center) To register go to *******Counselor’s Hint: If you are not sure which test you need/should take, contact your counselor. We can help you understand the difference between the tests and which might be best for your student. ANY JUNIOR CURRENTLY IN ALGEBRA 2 ADVANCED OR HIGHER SHOULD BE TAKING THE ACT IN DECEMBER!

Guidance Parent Night- The Guidance office hosted a parent session on October 26th at 6:30pm for Junior/Senior Parents. During this evening we walked parents through the college process, what other options are available after graduation and helped answer any questions parents may have had regarding post-secondary planning.


Student Conferences- The Guidance staff at Harrison High School makes it a point to try and build a relationship with every one of our students. With over 1,100 students and three counselors, it can be hard. One way we try to develop a relationship with our students is to hold individual conferences with EVERY student EVERY year they are here. Counselors have already met with all of their seniors and will now be focusing on freshmen and juniors. The freshman should be coming home with a college planning packet that covers all four years of high school. This is their only copy so put it away for safe keeping. If your student is planning on attending a vocational post-secondary school, art academy, or apprenticeship, this packet can still apply. Contact your counselor with any questions! *******Counselor’s hint: Take the college planning guide out at the end and beginning of every school year to make sure you and your student are on track and do not end up being overwhelmed their senior year.