About Edgar Allan Poe.

Charlotte R.

Who was Edgar Allan Poe

A famous author who wrote about science fiction and lived a hard life. A writer, critic and editor. Born and January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts. Son of actors he never really knew his parents.

What was his Childhood like

His childhood was bad because his father was a drunk and left him and his mother. His mother died when he was young.

How big of a part of his life was filled with Sickness and Death

Most of his life was filled with sickness and death because his mother and wife both died for TB.

When did he publish his first written work

He published his first written work in 1827.

What was his most significant work

The Tell-Tale Heart is his most significant work he has made.

What themes from his life are evident is his works

The hard life he has lived and all the death he has endured in his life.

Why was his death a mystery

He went on a trip but never made it there then people found him on the side of the road with a gun missing two bullets. Most people think it was a murder but others this he killed himself because he was depressed and drank a lot.

What was his inpact on the world

He made a whole new genre and inspired people to write like he does.

What genre does his books fall into

His books fall into science fiction, horror.

Why did he write like he did

I think he wrote the type of stories he did because he felt like that was the only way to show who he felt,