Digital Age Learning Context

Maggie Shanahan

The Teacher

The teacher's knowledge of technology is necessary if students want to use some form of technology in a lesson. The teacher must have a lot of knowledge regarding the form of technology and the lesson in which it is being used. The teacher must also know what technologies are appropriate for both the lesson and for specific students so that the technology helps not hinders the lesson.

The Learner

The learner is just as important as the teacher when it comes to using technology in a lesson. All students are different and learn in their own particular ways and therefore a technology that works for one student may not work for another.

The Curriculum

When it comes to using technology and fitting it into the curriculum, a teacher must start with the standards they are required to teach. From there, a teacher can then decide if technology should be used and from there what type of technology should be used. Certain subjects like Math and Social Studies wouldn't required the same technologies as an art class. Therefore, the curriculum can dictate the technology.

The School/Classroom

Depending on the school and/or the classroom, technology may or may not be an option. If a teacher is teaching in a school without the funds for iPads or a classroom set of computers, the teacher will have to find other mediums to use in order to teach the lesson.

The District/Family/Community

Various factors outside the school can dictate technology use in the classroom. The economic status of a community or family will decide if a student has access to technology outside of school. Even if the school can provide computers, if a student only gets to use the computer a few days out of the entire school year and only in school, it's not very beneficial to the student. They won't actually learn how to use the technology and figure out how it can potentially help them in other subjects.