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August 2021

From the principal's office...

Can you believe another school year is here? Our teachers worked so hard last week working and learning together. Mrs. Lassiter showed off her cartwheel skills, and kindergarten teachers performed a rap they wrote to show their learning from the book our staff read this summer, Yes, We Can!. Westwood teachers are awesome!

Our theme this year is "choose your own adventure". We want all staff and students to go on many adventures this year with academics, social emotional learning, and collaboration.

We can't wait to serve our learners and your families. If you ever need anything, please email me at or Mrs. Tompkins at You can also call the office and leave a message for us. We are here for you!

Here's to a great adventure for 2021-22! Keep reading for some important information...


Mrs. Crumby (your proud principal)

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As you probably saw on the news, Facebook, etc., we do require masks for all elementary students. We do have a few extras, but not a ton, so please be sure your child comes with a mask every day. I have a 2nd grader, and I just put 5 in her backpack every Sunday night so I can't forget on those hectic mornings! It makes things go much faster in the car line when kids have their masks on and backpacks ready so they can exit your vehicles quickly.

Speaking of car line...update on morning arrival

We will again be using both the side and front entrances. 3rd-5th graders can be dropped off on the side, and they will go sit outside their classroom doors in the hall until 7:45. This is a great time to get some reading in! K-2nd graders can be dropped off in the front, and they will go to the cafeteria then go to class at 7:45.

Guess what? We are going to start opening the doors at 7:20 this year! I know many parents are trying to get to work, so we hope this helps. Our district is helping us with an extra duty person in the mornings, so we are able to do this. Thanks, Springdale schools! Since we are opening earlier, this should stop kids from being dropped off before doors are open. We cannot have students on the front porch unsupervised; this caused several issues last year. If you have a special situation, you'll need to call or email Mrs. Crumby.

Dismissal information

Dismissal will happen at the same times as last year. Walkers will dismiss a few minutes before 3:00; if you want to meet your walker, you'll need to wait on the corner on McRay at the exit to the car rider line. Just like last year, we are keeping the area right around the school clear of visitors. We have staff members who will be walking children out all the way to McRay.

3rd-5th graders will be picked up in the side car rider line close to the gym (west side), and K-2nd will be picked up in front. If you have both a younger and older student, you can pick up all siblings in the front. All parents should stay in cars; we will not dismiss to parents walking up to the front. Car riders will be picked up in cars, and walkers should be walking home.

If you did not attend open house and get your car tag, you can stop by the office Monday morning to pick yours up. You will need this year's car tag for dismissal. If your child is a walker, you will still want the new tag in case you pick up on a rainy day or something changes. There is a QR code on the back you can use if you need to check your child in or out.

Visitors...COVID strikes again

Right now, district policy is that we will not have visitors in the building. We decided to deviate from this just for open house since we only had half the grades at one time. Now that we will have all students in the building, we will be following the policy. This means all students will be coming into the building on their own like the big kids they are on day 1. We will have plenty of staff available to make sure they get to the correct places- we haven't lost one yet!

We are again using our contactless check in/out system; you will need your phone and either use your camera or a QR scanning app. If you do not have your phone, we will bring an iPad out to you to use.

Hopefully, things will improve at some point during the year!

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Water bottles

We have ordered water bottles for all students, but they have not arrived yet. Please send a water bottle with your student for the first few days. We apologize- COVID shipping is a real issue!

Registration Update

Just like last year, you need to update registration on-line. You should have received a letter this summer if your student was enrolled in Springdale schools last year with the log in and password. Part of this process is signing the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that allows your student to use a device at school or take one home if needed. Visit to update your child's information and digitally sign the AUA.
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Westwood's Mission:

Westwood Elementary empowers all learners to grow in a safe and positive environment to launch a lifetime of learning.