Huffman News 11/25

November 25, 2020

The Huffman Commitment

We will work with every student, staff member, and family to develop and maintain a safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning community. We are committed to continuously improving our professional practices and take responsibility for the academic, social, and emotional growth of every student. We believe all people can grow in a positive direction.

Principal's Note

Dear Huffman Families,

As we continue with online learning for the foreseeable future, our leadership groups have been discussing ways to support our students who may be struggling. Please review the information below. We will be offering more live instruction for students needing extra support. If your student is struggling or missing work, they may be required to attend extra sessions to make up these gaps. This may include opportunities to make up work and improve grades. Please communicate and work directly with your classroom teacher.

As we head into the the Thanksgiving break, I hope you are able to safely spend time with family and loved ones. In the midst of so many challenges and inconveniences, I find I have to work extra hard to intentionally reflect on the many small blessings I still enjoy. Whether it's a phone call with my mom, a walk outdoors, or watching birds at the feeder, I am reminded of good things around me.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are able to enjoy time with family.

Wishing you the very best. Chris

Please Support the Huffman PTA - see below

Huffman PTA Family Bingo Night - December 10

Join us for a fun family night of Virtual Bingo and prizes. The Huffman PTA will share more information soon.

Update to Wednesday Instruction Schedule

With the announcement to postpone students' return to school, we have updated our Wednesday instructional schedule to increase student contact time. We are prioritizing the time teachers spend working with students.

Teachers will communicate specific instructional plans to families. Based on student needs, teachers will be providing live Zoom instruction on Wednesday mornings. This may be whole class or small group instruction based on the specific needs of the students and class. The instruction and learning on Wednesday morning is required. Teachers have (or will) communicate these specific schedules with families. If you are unsure if your student is scheduled for Wednesday instruction, please reach out to your classroom teacher.

Teachers are also creatively using the office hours M-Th from 2:45-3:15pm. If a teacher schedules this time for your student, please prioritize this instructional time. Teachers are providing opportunities for students to make up poor grades, catch up on missing work, and receive extra guidance in areas they may be struggling in.

Please do everything you can to ensure attendance and participation for scheduled instruction. If you have concerns about your student's academics, please reach out to your teacher.

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