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Do you think that we should ban gum in school?

Gum in School

Many administrations think that gum is distracting and its messy.. It's a nightmare! On the other hand, other schools think that it can help with focusing, increases brain activity, and it keeps students awake and ready to learn. Gum in school is both good and bad.

Is it all just a misunderstanding?

Gum makes people focus, awake, and it keeps the brain moving. That's why some schools allow gum in school. "Research by the Trident Company, a chewing gum manufacturer, shows that chewing sugar-free gum can reduce cavities by 70%" (Paragraph 3). Some gum brands make their gum contain xylitol which means that it doesn't contain sugar. Administrators think that gum is distracting and that it causes a huge mess for janitors, but I think that the workers should be payed more in order to clean it up.