Carl Schurz

by: Nisana Siman-Tov

Vater name ist Christian Schurz und Mutter name is Marianne Jussen.

Carl Schurz war geboren am 2. Marz 1829 im Liblar, Deutchland.

Er war gestarben am 14. Mai 1906 im New York, NY, U.S.

Sein Freund name ist Abraham Lincoln.


  • His occupation was Secretary of the Interior in the U.S.
  • He fought for North in Civil War within the United States.
  • He founded the Liberal Republic Movement.
  • He was a minister to Spain.
  • When in Germany, he served as a lieutenant for the movement towards democracy.

Interesting Info

  • Schurz went back to Germany to rescue a professor from prison.
  • Schurz was infenced by Professor Gottifried Kinkel of Bonn, who was leader in the democratic movement in Germany.

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