Secondary Coaching Connection

March 2019!

The Great & Powerful Graphic Organizer!

In this blog post (podcast available too!), we are reminded that humans process both verbally and visually, and we are reminded that graphic organizers enable us to create both physical and mental pictures about what what we are learning about. Read on to see how this tried and true instructional strategy helps us to meet the needs of all learners and get concrete examples what they can look like and how to employ them in your classroom.

See article here.

TDE and EFolio

It's March! This means that you should.....

  • Schedule your second observation if you have not already
  • April 1st the QComp/TDE Day!
  • Take a moment to review your past observations and walk-through feedback to complete your Peer Feedback section of your TDE EFolio
  • Ensure that you have made plans with colleagues for two peer observations
  • Please reference the TDE/QComp checklist
  • Continue using data from your CFAs to plan for students' intervention or enrichment within your PLCs
  • If you are in YEAR 3 and/or probationary - your eFolio is due on April 15th

We are here to support you!

Elida Kane - Director of Secondary Teaching & Learning

Lana Rains - Secondary Math and Literacy Specialist

Alesia Arlandson - ELA & Electives

Jennifer Burke - World Languages, Soc. Studies, PE & Health

Dan Kulseth - Math, Science & STEM

Carrie Popp - SpEd, Speech, Psychs, ELL, ECFE & Early Childhood

Doug Stanton - Nurses, SOS & SpEd Leads, TOSAs and TDE/QComp Coordinator

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