Elisia WIlkerson and Josh Ishmael


Facebook and Myspace are social media sites that allows you to communicate with friends and family members across the world. Many people don't use it for that reason. Posting or sending cruel gossip to damage a person’s reputation and relationships with friends, family and acquaintances is cyber bullying. You should never post inappropriate things that you wouldn't want to share with the entire world on social media sites. You can easily be cyber bullied that way. Also receiving or sending cruel messages is considered cyber bullying. To prevent that situation you should block the bully and report them.

Proper Usage of Internet!

Proper use of internet is to set up rules while using internet.Using filters will help.Checking out privacy policies and use them.Talk about the dangers of e-mails,and chatting.

Illegal Music Downloading1

The most common penalty for illegal downloading is a fine. The FBI states that the illegal distribution of copyrighted work--such as music--can lead to a fine of up to $250,000 or five years in prison. Authorities put fake tracks on file-sharing sites to locate the IP address of illegal downloaders, according to "The Independent." In 2007, MTV News reported that several universities enacted rules that suspended on-campus Internet access for students caught illegally downloading music.