Physical and Communication Disorder

Hearing and Speech Impairments

Oliver is a typical 6 year old, Kindergarten boy. He is very social and outgoing. He likes to play games and play with his hot wheel cars. He was born with no ears on the outside, no middle ears, or ear canals. On the outside he does have ear lobes. The parts of his inner ears are intact. He has problems with speech because he cannot hear. He uses some sign language, which he is still learning. He wears bone conduction hearing aids on both sides behind where his ears should have been. These pick up vibrations and send signals that allow him to hear. Because of his hearing disorder, he is a visual learner.

Teacher-Student Connection

*Games that include communication skills.

*Treat the student just like all the other kids.

*Pay attention and take interest in what is important to the child.

Student-Student Connections

*Don't make a big deal out of it. Kids learn by what they see.

*Involve the student in all the activities with the other students.

*Incorporate communication skills into lessons. By watching how you communicate with student they will pick up on it and follow you.

Motivation Strategies

*Make sure the information presented is clear to the student.

*Don't rush the student. Give them time to speak.

*Use visual aids to cover the material.

Teaching Methods

*Place the student close to where the teacher is.

*Face the class when talking so the student can see what you are saying (lip reading).

*Keep the noise level in the classroom down.

*Put desks in a circle to allow student to be able to see everyone's faces.

Assessment Techniques

*Allow more time, if needed.

*Break it into small steps.

*Make sure the noise level is kept down.


*Be flexible.

*Allow more time.

*Utilize a para to assist, if needed.