The Retribution of Mara Dyer

By Michelle Hodkin

Playlist Overview

This playlist is a mix of different songs that I believe relate to Michelle Hodkin's third book in her Mara Dyer series. In the book Mara, Jamie , and Stella are trying to figure out what is happening to them and what went on in the Horizon's LLC company. While they are trying to understand there situation Mara is trying to find Noah Shaw; her boyfriend she hasn't seen since the collapse of the Horizons building

Song 1: "My Demons" Starset

This song relates to all of the characters Mara, Jamie, Stella, and Noah. This song relates to all of them because in the beginning it says "They think I'm crazy but they don't know the feeling." If they did tell anyone, even there parents, they would definitely think that they are crazy. That is why they were at Horizons LLC in the first place. They were placed there to get better.

This song would be place when they are going back to see there parents before they try to figure out what is Horizons LLC.

Song 2: "Poor Unfortunate Souls" Jonas Brothers

In the book Dr. Kells is an employee at Horizons LLC. Later in the book we find out that she is trying to find a cure to whatever is happening to Mara, Stella, and Jamie. So like the title, she is just trying to save the poor unfortunate souls.

It would be placed either in the beginning of the book or the middle. In the beginning she is running tests on Mara, Jamie, and Stella to try to cure them of the disease that is in them. Or I would place this song in the middle at where they are founding more information about Dr. Kells.

Song 3: "Dark Doo wop" MSMR

Mara and Noah are inseparable and when Noah is gone Mara starts to have struggles within herself. So in the book she is searching for him; any sign. So she wants him to stay otherwise her world is going to burn. Also in the second book it says she is going to love him to ruins, she is struggling not to believe this.

I would place this song when she says "I'd wanted that, once upon a time. To be fixed. To be saved. I'd begged Noah to do it. He couldn't, he said, because I wasn't broken."

Song 4: "Fix me" Coldplay

This song relates to Noah Shaw. I only say this because being Mara's boyfriend he promises to fix this and her.

Just like in song 3, I would place this when Mara is talking about being fixed. How Noah was trying to fix her but then realized she didn't need to be fixed because she wasn't broken.