Lived to be 63. He died on October 4, 1669

Background history on Rembrandt.

Rembrandt is a Dutch painter and etcher. He is often vied as being one of the greatest painters in Europe and the greatest in Dutch history. He painted during a time of great wealth and prosperity. This time was called the Dutch Golden Age. He achieved great success as a painter in his youth but years down the road he suffered form tragedy and financial hardships. He still remained a very well known and appreciated painter.


Rembrandt made great contributions to this age and style of painting. He has some of the worlds most well know painting is this style. He really excelled in this style. He has painting around the world that are in museums that represent this style. He set the standard for baroque.
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This is my favorite painting. I love colors in the sky and the idea of the painting. It is the boat the decibels were on when Jesus came to calm the water.