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Police Officers

Have You Ever Wondered What It's Like To Train For The Police Force?

There are two different parts to it. The first part is trying to figure out what happened at a crime scene given only a certain amount of information. You also get tested on your memory and you also have to take a written test. They also check your height and weight to make sure you're eligible for the police force. When you're done with that, you'll have a physical test. That's only to get hired! If you make it that far, they will send you to an academy where you learn more about the laws and violence. If you think you're ready for the police force then come on and try out!

Do You Wonder How Police Officers Get Put Into Schools?

Anyone that wants to be a police officer at a school has to undergo 2 years of training. When they have that completed, they will get interviewed for why they want to work at a school. The principals will be there to see the officers, but they are not allowed to choose which one they want. When they're done, the people in charge will decide which school the officers go to. They see which school will be best for them before they send them there. So if you see an officer at your school, you know that they were meant to be there and that the school was right for them.

Police Dept.

Is There Anything Hard About Being A Police Officer?

Well yes there is. Whether its emotional or physical, being a cop isn't an easy job. Some things just can't be erased from memory and haunt people for a long time. Sometimes even seeing an accident or being a new cop and the first one at an accident can be very hard. A cop may seem like a lot of fun and it is, but they also have to be serious at times. This is why not everyone is cut out to be an officer and why they have to go through lots of serious training.
Police officers don't only work to keep our community a safe place. They also teach kids more about their jobs. They visit schools and talk to the students about what they do and tell them stories about their adventures.

Here is a picture of a police officer teaching the students at a school.