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Sustainable Ecosystem

A Green Environment:

I would live in the deciduous forest biome. There are many pull factors towards living in this biome. Firstly, the weather is good. It's very cool and mostly rainy but there's still enough sun which are all good for planting. It's not too hot in the summers and there's isn't too much snow in the winter. In this biome there are long growing season. I would plant many flowers such as windflowers, orchids, windflowers and lily's. All these plants are good for completing the cycle of photosynthesis attracting bees. They would also make my home look more attractive.

My Garden:

In my garden, I would farm not only vegetables but also fruits such as tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, berries( strawberries and blueberries) apples and cucumbers. I would plant all of these fruits and vegetables because they would be more organic since I know where they came from. Also, planting would help save money since the seeds for these products are cheaper than buying them at the grocery store. I would compost to use as a fertilizer. Composting allows for me to know what is in my fertilizer since it's home made. I would not use a pesticide. This is because a pesticide will no longer make my plants organic and may possibly contaminate it. Just because some pesticides say they aren't toxic and/or organic doesn't mean it's true.

My Transportation:

I would have a tesla. This is the latest model for an electric car. I would have an electric car because it's more energy efficient. An electric car does not use gas, therefore you save gas money. Although an electric car is a bit on the pricey side, you wont be spending money on gas and at the end, you've saved and abundant amount of money. Also, since you're not using any gas, you aren't polluting the air. An electric car produces zero carbon emission. A gas powered car requires conventional batteries which requires replacements and disposes lead in the batteries. The acid in the batteries that are used in conventional cars are hazardous to the environment. Electric cars use lithium and nickel-based batteries which are rechargeable, therefore reusable. Lastly, an electric car does not use any poisonous fluids ex: motor oil and anti-freeze to be operated.

Waste Management:

I would have a composting system in my home. This is because it's recycling organic material such as old vegetable and fruit peelings, dead leaves etc as a fertilizer for new plants to grow instead of wasting my money on a fertilizer that might not be good for the environment. I would compost because instead of throwing all the food into a landfill, you can re-use the wasted products by turning it into a fertilizer. I would also re-use many of my products that don't necessarily need to be thrown away immediately. Things such as Ziploc bags, plastic re-usable water bottles, plastic utensils etc. I would also take advantage of re-usable grocery bags. Lastly, I would recycle. Recycling is good for the environment, it's somewhat re-using a product but making it brand new again. This keeps waste from pilling up in landfills and reduces waste. Recycling reduces the need to damage wildlife for new products to be made also reducing pollution.

Endangered Species:

My family would sponsor the African Lion. Although the African Lion isn't endangered, it's vulnerable meaning its close to it's endangerment and its extinction. Since 1975, 80-90% of the population has been lost and the numbers only keep dropping. There used to be around 200,000 African Lions about 40 years ago, but now there is an estimated number of 32,000 still alive. Us humans don't realize that the African Lions are important to us. They play an important part in our food chain by helping regulate the herbivore population. Without them, those herbivores would outnumber their preys and cause there to be another extinction. African Lions are vulnerable because they face habitat loss, loss of prey base and human conflict due to hunting. The face of their extinction is predicted to be by the year 2050

Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

The three toxic chemicals that would be found are:



-Laundry detergent

Chemical: Carbon Monoxide

The chemical I chose was the carbon monixide found in paint. It's made up if carbon and oxygen and is a non-metal. Carbon is located in group 14 of the periodic table and oxygen is located In group 16.

The Characteristics of Electricity

Solar Panels:

The type of energy source I would have is solar panels. This is a great energy source for many reasons. Firstly, I would get solar panels with a back-up by lithium batteries -that are harmless to the environment- since the sun doesn't always shine. Secondly, solar panels cut the electricity bill down because all the power is being generated from the sun so the cost is free. Solar energy is a renewable resource unlike some fossil fuel operated electricity. One day, we will run out of fossil fuels so it's better to has solar panels since we will always have the sun. Also, they are environmentally friendly unlike fossil fuels that pollute the earth. Solar panels are harmless to the environment and don't create greenhouse gases. Solar panels last you 20-30 years and come with low/no maintenance and cost except your average yearly check up once to twice a year.

Physical Structure:

My future home would be built with insulating concrete forms(ICF's) providing the most energy efficiency possible. This structure would provide more even temperatures, sharply reduced draft by 75%, noticeably greater quiet and healthier air. This form of construction is considered the most affordable, energy efficient, and disaster resistant way of building your home. Also, the insulator I would have all over my home would help reduce the amount of heat we use from an electric heater since it provides heat. The insulation factor of this home is so great that the heating cost would be reduced to a minimum. I would also a giant underground reservoir to catch the rain water. This water would be connected to my showers, toilets and taps. The reservoir would help conserve water for emergency purpose because water will be at a premium in the future.

Home Appliances:

There are many energy saving home appliances, but one I would chose is a front loading washing machine than a top loading one. This is because it's uses half the amount if water and electricity than a top loading washing machine. In future purposes, a lot of water, energy and money is saved due to a front loading washing machine. Secondly, I would have a hand free tap. This might not seem like it saves you some water but in actuality, it does. When you move your hand away from the faucet, the water stops running. This saves all the access water that we waste when our taps are running. Thirdly, I would have a fridge that depends on my daily need. When our fridge is open,we're using up energy. I would use a fridge that's would also have an EnerGuide label. It's save up to 10% of energy bills. All that money saved adds up. Lastly, I would have an induction stove. This is a energy efficient product that saves you a good amount of money. Instead of using 600 KWH, the newest model uses about 293 KWH.

LED Lights:

In my home design, I would include LED lights. They have many features to it that make it better than a conventional lightbulb. Firstly, they produce no heat, that reduces the risk of any accidental burns or fires, and doesn't over best the environment. Secondly, they are made out of solid material, so if it were dropped, there are no big risks. If a conventional lightbulb were dropped, it would be very dangerous due to broken glass and the gas in the lightbulb. Thirdly, a conventional light bulb has lower power consumption which is better for the environment since it contributes to less climate change. Also, a conventional lightbulb uses up to only 1500 hours when LED lights use up to 60,000 hours and also has a lower maintenance cost and changes. Lastly, LED lights are cheap and start from a minimum of $8 and use a lot less watts and can bring your energy bill down in the long term.

The Study of the Universe

Satellite Televisions and Cellphones:

One type of technology developed due to space exploration is satellite television. This is a system created that provides tv programming from a machine orbiting in space. The signal comes from an outdoor reflector antenna or what we know as a satellite dish. It's provides a wide range of channels, serivices and entertainment. The first satellite to orbit was Sputnik launched by Russians in 1957. The first communication was launched 6 years after, it wasn't until March 1,1978 when regular tv signals were being transmitted via satellite. A second type of technology developed due to space exploration was a satellite cellphone. It's connected to an orbiting satellite in space, providing wide network coverage and isuseful in disastrous situations. The first iridium handheld satellite phone consisted of 77 active satellites that orbited from pole to pole. The first design was made in the 1960's designed with control and time triggered messages. The iridium communication service was launched on November 1,1998, but was a failure. The price of one handset was at $1300 but had a poor service and management.

My Home Design

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