Living in Space (Microgravity)

Taylor B.

What is Microgravity?

Microgravity is weak gravity that is inside a spacecraft. Most astronomers and scientists will call this effect zero gravity. Microgravity calls for special design technology and it is not necessarily easier to work in than on Earth.

Affect on Body

Microgravity greatly affects your body, but not enough to seriously put you through an injury. Instead of blood flowing smoothly throughout your body, it pools up and causes many effects. Some effects are your face feeling fuller, tiny lines and wrinkles disappear, and the blood ends up flowing to your head. This is not bad for your body, but you may feel dizzy and light-headed until you get used to the microgravity effect.

As you are in microgravity, you will experience a 3 inch increase in height. This happens by your spine stretching as your bones and soft tissue tend to relax. You also may catch your waistline slimming due to less gravity that is acting on your internal organs.

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Working in Microgravity

Working in microgravity may not be as easy as it looks. It is difficult because of the lack of gravity. No object stays still unless working devices are used to hold it in place. Some special but common devices are suction cups and velcro straps.
What is Microgravity?

Other Tasks in Microgravity

Other jobs in microgravity may contain tasks like eating, drinking, and using the restroom. Eating in microgravity is very different than down on Earth. Some foods can be eaten in their natural forms like brownies and fruit. Other foods require added water such as macaroni and spaghetti. An oven is provided in the space station, but there is not a refridgerator so astronauts have to carefully store foods to avoid spoilage.

Drinking in microgravity can also be difficult. To successfully drink a beverage in microgravity, workers have to drink out of a light air accessed pouch through a straw.

Bathing in microgravity is not done as frequently as on Earth and is done with a wipe-down from a wet washcloth.

Using the restroom with microgravity as an effect is not as hard as you think. It is done the same way on Earth except the the flusing is done by a high-powered air flow. The air flow pushes the feces down the toilet as an acting gravity.