ENMS 10-25-13

Parent Teacher Conferences

Looked like we had another very successful parent-teacher conference evening. Standing at the door greeting our parents I heard A LOT of positive comments regarding their impression of our staff and also how much their student liked the middle school. That obviously is a direct reflection on the relationships all of you have made with our students. I've said it numerous times before and I will continue to say it; our ability to create positive relationships with our students will pay large dividends for us as a school. Thank you for that!

Honor Roll Breakfast

As you remember last year we hosted a 7th grade and an 8th grade honor roll breakfast for our all A's and all A's/B's students. We will be doing the same thing again this school year and these will be held next week. 7th grade breakfast will be on the 29th and 8th grade breakfast will be on the 30th. Mrs. Laur will be sending out more information on who we need help from.

Balanced Calendar

You may have read in the discussion minutes Mrs. Linson sent out this week that the corporation is looking to move towards a balanced calendar for next school year. In the minutes she outlined a few options for breaks during next school year. Please share your thoughts with either myself or Mrs. Bodeker regarding the balanced calender. Our start date would possibly be August 7th which is 5 days sooner than a normal school year. Obviously, our school is unique in that we don't have air conditioning. Our concerns need to move past the air conditioning problem (as much as possible) and focus on what dates our breaks would fall. Keep in mind we want this to be a beneficial change for both students and staff.

Goals and Rewards

Just a reminder that Acuity goals should be set by the end of next week. We will also be discussing on Monday how we will track the grades student's received on their report cards and calculating what goals they met. To keep the momentum going I would like to have these done as soon as possible so we can get rewards out to the students. And obviously we need to discuss setting goals for the second nine weeks. Continue to bring this up in conversation and push students to stay on the surface this nine weeks rather then digging themselves into a hole.

Monday Collaboration

On Monday we will be discussing finalizing the goals from the 1st nine weeks. We will also conduct a table top exercise regarding school safety. Following this you will be meeting in teams.

Also, if you have not sent me your notes from Wednesday's 2 hour delay collaboration with departments please do that soon.