Top 10 successful skills for school

How to be successful

Studying hard

Do your work and study to the best of your abilities, and work hard for your grades.


Being organized is a big part of being successful, keeping focused, and knowing where things are. Keep your things where you know where they are, with easy access.

Time Management

Managing your time is key to being successful especially if you do extracurricular activities such as sports. Knowing when to study or practice has a big part in being successful.

Goal Setting

Setting goals makes you strive to achieve them, and knowing how to push yourself to be better overall.


Concentrating lets you stay on one subject at a time, and be focused on just that topic. Being concentrated is a big factor in being successful.

Note Taking

Note Taking lets you stay organized, and keeps you focused, which causes easier studying and better studying habits. Note taking, in ways you understand it, can lead to better grades and success.

Completion of Assignments

Doing your work and turning it in on time can change your grades dramatically, if you compete and turn in your work, you're more likely to be successful.

Review and Remembrance

Reviewing the material, and the notes and papers you have on the topic, will help you remember, and doing well on tests and quizzes.


Motivation can help you set and achieve goals, and do better in all.


Committing to things, like your school work, or sports, and success will help you do better with everything a lot easier.