of the Nervous System

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The Nervous System

The overall goal of the nervous system is to send and receive signals throughout the body to maintain homeostasis and respond to internal and external stimulus. This is arguably the most important body system as without it the others do not know how to function and to what degree.

Organs and Their Functions:

Difference of CNS and PNS?

Central Nervous System

The processing division of the nervous system, the brain and spinal cord receive and send information from the the peripheral nervous system. The brain receives the signal

from the spinal cord takes the signals, interprets and analyzes how to respond. After which the response it sent through the spinal cord to the PNS where...

Peripheral Nervous System

Divided into two systems; the sensory system and somatic system. The sensory system transmits information to the CNS from internal organs and external stimuli. The motor system sends information to organs muscles and glands from the CNS. The PNS is connected via spinal and cranial nerves that lead ultimately to the brain.