6 Weeks Project

Luke Bates

Brainstorming Ideas

A good brainstorming idea is to think about a topic and write whatever comes to mind







Revising and Editing Techniques

It helps to think of Revising and Editing as a different process.

An example of Revising is i was scared to i was struck with fear.

an example of editing is changing im gunna go shoppen to i was going to go shopping

Influence of Setting on Plot development

Influences of setting on plot development change the story in many ways

Like i was scared to I was in the cave fear ran down my spine

Forms of Point of View

Types of Point of View

* Objective Point of View

* Third Person Point of View

* First Person Point of View

* Omniscient and Limited Omniscient Point of View

Importance of Plot and Setting when Creating Stories

When using plot and setting when creating stories can make stories better plot sets the mood and setting tells you where it takes place.