Weekly Newsletter

Busy week! We came back from the break ready to learn!

This week we did our 3rd investigation about buildings. Our focus questions were: Who builds buildings? What tools do they us?

On Monday we built towers using unifix cubes. The towers were supposed to be as tall as each child. Then we compared their heights and discussed.

An interesting activity during Whole Group Meeting was trying to build a structure based on a plan. I drew it on the board and ask 3 volunteers to try to make them.

We also talked about hammer and helmets, and their uses.

Since we had been learning about "people who work in a construction site", we had the kids choose a job they would like to try when they grow up. I guess handling Cement Mixers seems like fun to most of them.

On Wednesday and Friday children had out-of-class experiences: architects visiting and us visiting a construction site.

Take a look at the pictures and enjoy!

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Show me...

I invited children to explore a collection of ocean animals in a tub of water. I explained that they would be making groups from them. We used special tweezers to grab the animals from the tub.

First, I asked each child to make a group of 3 animals from a specific color. Then a group of 2, and then a group of 4. When this was done, each child had to count one by one each animal as they threw them back in the tub.

We kept on playing with different and bigger numbers.

Building Bridges

After reading an article about STEM in the classrooms, we created an Engineering challenge in the Blocks Center. Engineers are problem solvers, and we definitely want to foster this skills! During Circle Time, I showed the children pictures of 3 different structures: Puente de las Americas, Puente Centenario, and Panama Canal. I asked children to observe the pictures and share their thoughts. Each child saw a different aspect of them. Some focused on the boats, others on the shapes they observed, and another group pointed out that these structures seemed familiar. So we continued our discussion about bridges, boats and their functions.

At the Bloc center, children found rivers, boats, construction trucks, and blocks. They played building bridges, neighborhoods, and different structures.

It was quite interesting to see them work in teams and express their ideas.

Magnetic vs Non Magnetic

To practice our classifying skills, we used magnets. In our Discovery Center we placed a tray full of a variety of things. Some of the things were magnetic and others were not. Children tested the props out and the placed them in the according area. For them magnets are like magic! It was exciting, new and fun!

Interlocking Toys Creations

Building Letters

Building letters piece by piece makes learning the alphabet a snap!

Construction Hat Painting

Using construction hats in Art was a wonderful experience. It wasn't easy, let me tell you. Kids used their whole bodies to move around with the hats and create a colorful canvas.

This was an activity placed at the Choice Time, so children decided if they wanted to do it or no. We will continue to offer this activity next week to see who else is interested.

What can you do with a hammer?

Well, aside from the obvious....we can also do Art!

Bang, bang, bang! Kids were having a blast using bright paint and hammers. The result will be showed in the Art Festival.

Special Visitor

To expand on our Buildings Unit, we had two architects come and visit our classes.

We prepared children by watching a short (and very funny) video about Architects. Then we discussed what we observed from it and created 4 questions for our visitors:

  • Can you build castles?
  • How do you draw plans?
  • What are your tools?
  • How can we become architects?

During the presentation, I was so proud! PK3.2 kids were behaving so well! They were good listeners, payed attention, sat still and quiet. When the time to ask questions came up, Cristina, Jamie and Melissa stood up to as 3 out of the 4 questions.

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Construction Site visit at ISP

As you may know, our soccer field is being renewed. Ms. Alida had a great idea and she joined us in visiting. the construction site. We had the opportunity to see trucks, a cement mixer, hammers, pieces of wood, earthworks, and the workers.

Also, Ms. Alida showed different kinds of pipes, and explained their uses. It was a great introduction for our upcoming unit.

It was a great experience!

Books, Poems, and Rhymes


  • How a House is Built
  • Three Ninja Pigs
  • My own name (brought by Jamie)


  • We're pounding the nail (sing to the tune of "For He's a jolly good fellow")

Video Read Alouds

Creative Play

This week we had a special day at the playground. I took lots of scarves and asked children to get creative with them.

We had "Peace" Ninjas, Ballerinas, Zombies, and Princesses.

We had such a good time!


  • Family Fun Fair
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