John d. Rockerfeller

Standard oil company co-owner

Who is John D. Rockerfeller?

John D. Rockerfeller was born and began his business The Standard Oil Company in Cleveland Ohio. Rockerfeller became a Tyrone and his business became the main oil company back in the 1880's-1920's in the United States. Rockerfeller business style was to buy business's then take their systems and improve them for more profit.

Pictures of Rockerfeller

Personal characteristics of John D. Rockerfeller

Rockefeller Trait 1: He Had a Knack For Numbers

John loved crunching numbers of profits losses and revenue, he loved doing this because he could change the system of making oil if things weren't looking good.

Rockefeller Trait 2: He Set Enormous Goals, and Was Confident Enough to Believe They’d Come True

John believed in himself well enough so he could create goals and be almost sure he'd be able to complete them.

Rockefeller Trait 3: He Was a Strategic Planner, Not A Gullible Risk-Taker

John was smart, he wouldn't make a risk with his business unless he was sure it was going to help him. To do this he planned and and saw how things would work out.

Rockefeller Trait 4: He NEVER Settled

John always got the deal he was okay with if the deal didn't please him or help him he wouldn't take it.

Rockefeller Trait 5: His Philanthropy Work Was Like No Other

John was a giver, he made the Rockerfeller charity which helped anyone helps people in poverty, he believed in karma and would sometimes walk down the street and flip nickels and dimes at people. He also ingested in a few other charities.

John D. Rockefeller & Standard Oil