Back to School!

Like School Counselors Ever Take a Break...

Stress Free Start to the Year

So many of you should be back into the full swing of counseling for this school year. Like the people in the background of this newsletter, you may feel like the students are becoming a blur of busyness in front of you, or maybe that blur is YOU-trying to meet the many needs of the diverse environment of faculty, students, parents/guardians, and your own family. And for those of you subscribed to THIS newsletter, you are also trying to lead your local FSCA chapter-Bravo! Now is the time for focus and drive, but along the way make sure you are preserving your health. So please LEISURELY scroll down and see the important updates for this month! Happy Counseling!

Tips of the Trade

Preventative vs. Reactive School Counseling

One thing I've found through my school counseling practice is that preventative counseling, by not procrastinating, is much more efficient and majorly stress-reducing. Here are some things that I have found to be most helpful as I reflect on my school counseling practice.

1. Calendaring-A wise person once told me, "If you don't plan your life, someone else will." This applies to calendaring for your school counseling program. By allotting time for known activities (counselor's corner, SAT/ACT test waiver distribution, Financial Aid Night, etc.) it is less likely that you will be given additional duties outside the duties that you consider to be primary for counseling.

2. Delegation-At most schools, you are not the only counselor. So, when appropriate, know when to delegate tasks to office aides or your co-counselors. It is good for counselors to be cross-trained in other grade levels or in the event the standard counselor isn't available. Also, delegation causes the counseling team to become more unified through common service. Remember, team stands for "together everyone achieves more".

3. Identifying-At our school, we are constantly running reports to determine which of our students are most in need of various things. For example, we determine who has yet to pass the FCAT and Alg I EOC, students who are on free/reduced lunch and entitled to college application fee waivers, and students who may be eligible for various scholarships. By pre-identifying at-risk students or high achieving students, many measures can be taken to provide support and opportunities rather than waiting until an issue surfaces.

FSCA Updates This Month...

Delegate Assembly

Each chapter will need to pick one representative for the Delegate Assembly which will be happening at the 2014 FSCA Convention October 23-25. You should have received an official letter from me, but if you did not please let me know so I can send you a copy.

Membership List

To continue as an active chapter in good standing, I need your chapter's membership roster, indicating officers. I also need your chapter's bylaws. Remember you must have at least 10 FSCA members to be considered an official chapter. If you have any questions, please ask!

New Chapters

Many counties have begun the process of starting a FSCA chapter. If you have friends in neighboring counties where there is not a FSCA chapter, please encourage them to begin one. The process is not complicated and the more chapters we have, the stronger our representation to Tallahassee. You know who you are new chapters, and we are so proud of you! Keep up the good work!