Alex Rouke

What is tendinitis?

Tendinitis, also known as the inflammation of tendon, is an larger-scale of acute injuries of the tendon. Tendinitis is usually found in the knee (patellar tendinitis) , elbow, and Achilles (Achilles tendinitis).

Degenerative tears to the tendons, including fibroblasts and microfibroblasts, cause an inflammation of the tendon area. The over-stretching and close-to tearing causes the pain in the particular area.

To the right is a visual representation of Achilles tendonitis and where the pain stems from.

Causes of Tendinitis

  • Improper use of the tendons can cause the tendon to overload, causing it to become inflamed
  • Constant repetition of a unfamiliar action
  • Putting stress on a particular area of your body

So how do I prevent it?

In order to prevent tendinitis, you have to take a few precautions before working out.

1. Make sure you stretch before you workout; stretching warms the muscles and helps you to smooth transition into your workout.

2. Gradually lead into your workout; putting to much stress on cold muscles can cause uncomfortable workouts.

3. Know your boundaries; know the difference between a "good" pain and a "bad" pain.

4. Wear properly fitting shoes; if your shoes fit and support you properly, you should have an easier time working out and a better support for your muscles.