Desert Survival

Learn how to survive with the only supplies near.

What the desert looks and feels like

The desert gets less than 25 centimeters of rain in a year. In the day the desert is really hot, but in the night it cools down rapidly. Other deserts are below freezing all the time.


All types of food are available in the desert. If you're willing to eat and catch them. For starters there is the yummy camel. Now all you will need is a fire. Also make sure that any supplies in the plane that you can use are available to you. Any sharp edged plane parts would work great for killing. You can also practically eat anything else too.


If you want water find a cactus and take the water from inside of it or find a lake, pond, or ocean. If you have none of these things then you are pooped out of luck.


To have shelter you need something that will keep you warm. There are two options, you can either use the supplies of the plane or kill a camel, go inside of it, then have a perfectly good night's rest.

Friends & Enemies

There are a lot of enemies out in the desert. Snakes, Gila monsters, etc. There are only a few friends out there. Fennecs, Meerkats, etc. Don't run across an enemy.

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