kayla browder

Environmental study project

My map

I picked Walmart, My elementary school i picked my elementary school because i like it because its where i learned all my responsibilities, how to be a little more organised. & i like Walmart because its where i get my iPod's.


In orlando, The average rainfall for the year of 2013 is 50.1 inches and 1289 Millimeters. The good of this is so plants, Grass, Forests and other stuff get water. It wont be so dry, well have more plants, grass, forests it will be more healthy. The bad of this is sometimes it rains to much. You cant do much in the rain. When its cold you cant do much you can get sick. But when its hot you sweat & its hard to work in the heat.

Natural disasters.

In 2012 there was a hurricane called hurricane sandy which affected the Bahamas, eastern united states, greater Antilles, eastern Canada. And hurricane Charley which was in Florida, it lasted from August 9th to August 15th just 22 hours after tropical storm Bonnie. Here are eight ways people can be prepared To have a lot of food stored, Water, Flashlights, First aid kit, A room without windows, Candles, Blankets, Soap?


Orlando has been around since 1836 or 1838 . It was first named as jernigan and after 6 years they ended up changing the name to Orlando in 1857. It has been around for a long time. And there are a lot of people who live in Orlando.


There are 249,562 people living in Orlando. Are houses are made of cement, So that if a hurricane came it wouldn't break. The teams in Orlando are Orlando magic, Orlando predators, University of Central Florida Knights.


The wildlife helps the area by trees helping us breathe, animals as pets. But the bad thing is deforestation. People cutting down trees for paper, desks, pencils etc. And when they cut the trees down the animals have no where to live. And since we breathe from trees that is less air for us.

Overall reflection

All of these things make up the community it makes the community better, but sometimes worse. It makes it worse by it being hot. It makes it better by it raining making the trees, plants, grass and everything else stronger. Its also bad by deforestation. People cutting down the trees.