Years 1919-1922

Daisy's Marriage

Daisy is now married to her husband by the name of Tom he is a rich man that is powerful and almost at the time serious he is also seeing other women at the same time he is going out with Daisy ,Daisy knows but she likes the luxurious lifestyle she has with Tom.
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She is now living in New York

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I heard that Daisy got a new life married this rich guy named Tom and is now living in New York City i have to find her to catch up with her but by doing that I'm going to throw these big parties where everyone in New York is invited and hopefully she will appear.

One step closer ...

So i decided to throw one of many of my famous parties and word on the street is that they are getting a lot of publicity so i might be getting closer than i thought . I've meet this guy by the name of Nick he is a next door neighbor of mine we meet at a party he tried introduced me to Tom Daisy's new lover so that means she had to come with , but little did i also know is that Nick is Daisy's cousin.
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How we first met

Daisy and I first met in Louisville back in 1917 we were both young at the time i was in love with everything about her at the time i was struggling to become the successful man and her parents didn't think i was a good choice for her and also because i wasn't man enough so i entered the war and Daisy told me she'll wait but i guess she couldn't of waited any longer and married Tom which her parents approved of because he was wealthy.
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Can i make her look at me differently

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Now that i got her going to my parties how can i manage to get her to change her mind about Tom and make her fall in love with me again like i did when we were younger and told her i soon as i come back from the war i would manage to make us be happy in life now that she see the luxurious lifestyle that i'm living maybe she can see that i wasn't fooling around and that i kept my word .